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Welcome to vom Cohansey Deutsch Drahthaars!


Our goal is to produce serious hunting dogs with extremely good temperament.  These dogs will retrieve ducks and geese all morning, hunt, point and retrieve upland birds later in the day and be right there to do the tracking of wounded game animals for you or your friends at night.  These dogs will also excel in their behavior in the blind, waiting at the bottom of your tree stand or at the side of your favorite recliner.  My goal is to produce the best combination of hunting drive, natural ability, behavior and independence in hunting hunting, coupled with

the ability to hunt in the field with other dogs.                                         After many years of hunting with a multitude of                                 various breeds, I've found the Deutsch                                          Drahthaar to be the finest hunting dog                                          available.  I believe the information found on                                            the various pages of this site should give you                                           an accurate description of what we at                                                     vom Cohansey Deutsch Drahthaars are                                            striving for in our breeding program.                                                                                                                                                                                  


Joseph Lowry


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