Allie vom Cohansey

VJP:  72 points
HZP:  186/192/189 points 12 Duck Search, 6th Place Armbruster
Prize I/304 TF
Form/Hair:  10/10
Color:  Braun Schimmel
Height:  63 cm
Length:  65 cm
HD-Frei A, OCD/ED-Frei, Tested Clear for Bleeding Disorders

Allie vom Cohansey is the puppy we kept from Greta.  We had no intentions of keeping her until a last minute cancellation left our kids with a puppy at Christmas. She's living proof that "pick of the litter" doesn't necessarily mean anything. Her father (Colt vom Entenmoor) has produced Armbruster winners and numerous top 10 dogs. Allie was always a really quick study and always looked forward to training. Allie is one of the very few dogs in the U.S. to complete her VGP in her HZP year. Even more of an achievement was the fact she did it on the same weekend as her first HZP and scored a Prize I. Allie is also a State certified blood tracker and has successfully tracked several deer. She scored VJP-72 pts., HZP-186/192/189 Armbruster pts., VGP-Prize I 304. Like her mother, Allie also received a 12 in Search Behind Duck. She's was rated 10/10 in Conformation/Coat at the 2013 Armbruster. Allie finished 6th at the 2013 International Armbruster (tied for 4th in performance points) and was awarded "Best In Field".



VJP:  72 points
HZP:  190 points 1st Place Oberlander

VGP:  Prize II/297 TF

NAVHDA Utility Pz I 202

Form/Hair:  11/12
Color:  Schwarsch Schimmel
Height:  67 cm
Length:  68 cm
HD-Frei A, OCD-Frei Tested Clear for Bleeding Disorders

Jack II vom Liether-Moor

Jack is a dog that was imported from Germany as a young pup, trained, handled and tested here in the U.S. He's superb field dog with an exemplary temperament. Jack was used as the stud dog for my "D" Litter (also with Allie). Several of those dogs tested this Spring, 76, 76, 71, 69, 65. All but one handler was a first time handler. The Conformation/Coat and drive of these dogs has made me drive all the way back to MN to breed to him again. Jack is a stunning dog to look at and a pure joy to watch handle a field and whatever birds might be found in it. I've had the pleasure of watching several pups from the first litter complete their training as we approach the HZP season and they're doing enough to convince me my next pup might come from this litter. Jack scored VJP-72 pts., HZP-190 pts., VGP-Prize II 297. He also was the 1st Place dog at the first Oberlander test and has scored a Prize I 202 at the NAVHDA Utility Test and will run in the NAVHDA Invitational in September. This WILL be a great litter!