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Upcoming Litter

Litter due May 16, 2024

Audrey vom Graue Eichen x Hunk vom Teuberschlag
Perfect balance of drive and stability


Izzy Pointing.jpg
Izzy Sharpies.jpg

VJP:  71 points
HZP:  182o.sp/189o.sp
VGP: Pz 1./312 TF

Form/Hair:  10/11
Color:  Schwsch
Height:  62 cm
Length:  63 cm
2022 Armbruster Dam

Izzy Ahn Back_edited.jpg


Hunk vom Teuberschlag Strb.jpg

VJP:  75
HZP:  191 o.sp

VGP:  Pz 1/342UF

Form/Hair:  11/11
Color:  Brsch
Height:  65 cm
Length:  67 cm

Hunk vom Teuberschlag Ahnentafel.jpg
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