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vom Cohansey Kennel –


You will be asked to provide information so that I can help you determine which puppy will be right for you and your family situation. I am sure you will agree that placement is very important, as this puppy will be with your family for the next 10 years or longer. Please email me indicating your interest in an upcoming litter and provide me with your contact information and the best time and number to reach you. We will discuss things such as your dog experience, types of hunting you do, if there are other pets in the home, if small children are present, if you are willing to attend obedience classes and if you are willing to test the puppy.


My contact information will be listed below and an email contact form is available. I require a $300 deposit to ensure your spot in the picking order and your preferences of male/female. Please note – Deposits are recorded when they are RECEIVED. The order in which a deposit is received is also the order for selecting pups. Reservations are taken on gender only, not coat color. A deposit will only be refunded to you for the following reasons: (1) if you change your mind about purchasing a puppy and contact me BEFORE the litter whelps or (2) if I am unable to provide you with a puppy.


Thank you for considering a vom Cohansey Drahthaar for your next hunting companion!!


vom Cohansey Deutsch Drahthaars

Joe Lowry

18231 Keokuk St.

Ackworth, IA 50001

(856) 498-0563

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