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Puppy Sales Agreement

vom Cohansey Kennel Puppy Guarantee and Sales Agreement

The following Deutsch Drahthaar puppy has been sold to the person listed below (hereafter referred to as "buyer") on ______________, for the sum of $2,000.

Puppy’s VDD Registered Name: _____________________________________________________
Puppy’s VDD Tattoo Number: _______________________________________________________
Puppy’s Sire: ____________________________________________________________________
Puppy’s Dam: ____________________________________________________________________
Color: _____________ Sex: __________________ Date of Birth: __________________________
Buyer's Name and Address: ______________________________________ ___ _______________

vom Cohansey Kennel guarantees that this Deutsch Drahthaar puppy is healthy upon delivery to the buyer. Every puppy is sold with a written health guarantee that is in effect for seven (7) days after the puppy leaves the kennel property. To validate the health guarantee, the buyer must have the puppy examined by his/her veterinarian within 48 hours after receiving it. If for any reason the buyer is not satisfied with the health of his/her puppy, the buyer may return the puppy at his/her expense for a full purchase price refund, provided that vom Cohansey Kennel is given a copy of the veterinarian’s exam and findings. All veterinary costs for the puppy after departure from vom Cohansey Kennel, no matter what the reason and including the seven (7) day period, is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

vom Cohansey puppies are guaranteed to be functionally free of hereditary genetic diseases up to one (1) year of age. If your puppy develops a life-threatening or life-altering illness that is found to be hereditary in nature (as diagnosed by your veterinarian) before the age of twelve (12) months, I will (at my option) do one of two things: (1) replace the puppy from another mutually agreed to comparable breeding when such a breeding becomes available or (2) refund the full purchase price of the puppy. In order to receive the full purchase price refund, the puppy must be returned. If the buyer chooses to keep the puppy as a pet and elects not to receive a replacement dog, a refund of one-half (1/2) the original purchase price will be made pending confirmation from the buyer’s veterinarian that the puppy has been spayed or neutered. The buyer must provide written documentation from his/her veterinarian that the puppy has been altered.

In order for vom Cohansey Kennel to fulfill the puppy guarantee, the following conditions must be met:

1. The buyer must provide vom Cohansey Kennel written notification of the puppy’s health
problem(s), including a written report from the buyer’s veterinarian documenting the nature of the problem immediately after discovery of the condition.
2. The puppy must be returned before it will be replaced or a refund granted. All shipping expenses will be responsibility of the owner for the dog being returned as well as the replacement dog.
3. The puppy must not be older than twelve (12) months of age.
4. The buyer must be the puppy’s original and only owner.
5. The puppy must not have been bred.
6. If the puppy is returned, ownership and the VDD Ahnentafel must be transferred back to vom
Cohansey Kennel.
7. vom Cohansey Kennel may request that the puppy's owner obtain a second veterinarian’s
opinion. The costs for additional opinions will be the responsibility of the buyer.
8. vom Cohansey Kennel is not responsible for costs pertaining to the care of the puppy once it
leaves the property. The puppy must be reared with good care, shelter, quality nutrition, and vaccinations administered at the recommended frequency. The puppy must not be allowed to become overweight or be overworked. The puppy should show no signs of neglect or cruelty.
9. Any of the above requirements may be waived at the discretion of vom Cohansey Kennel
If at any time during the first twelve (12) months the puppy is sold or placed in another home this guarantee becomes null and void.

All vom Cohansey puppies are sold in good faith and no puppy is sold for any specific use or guarantee of performance such as brood bitch, stud dog, show dog, field trial, or hunt test competitor.

By signing this Guarantee and Sales Agreement, the buyer acknowledges having read this document in its entirety and agrees to all terms and conditions as set forth within.

Printed Name of Buyer: ________________ _________________ Date: ______________________
Signature of Buyer: _________________________________________________________________
Joseph Lowry: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________


Thank you for choosing vom Cohansey Deutsch Drahthaars! 


Joseph M. Lowry,

vom Cohansey Kennel

18231 Keokuk St.

Ackworth, IA 50001

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