Uschi III vom Altmoor

Allie vom Cohansey

Tramp II vom Jagdkonig

Uschi III vom Altmoor (Greta) is our foundation female. Greta is the dog everyone loves and has never met anyone she thought was a stranger. Greta was sleeping in her crate awaiting her chance to perform her blood track at her VGP when one of the handlers asked if she was going to wake up and finish the test.  She did, and completed it in just over six minutes!  That's the kind of dog she is...calm when you want her to be and ready to hunt when you need her. She is a State certified blood tracker and has recovered many deer and one bear. She scored VJP-71 pts., HZP-185 pts. (12 Search Behind Duck) and VGP-Prize I 310 pts. She has produced two litters with exceptional natural ability in both litters. Greta was rated 8/8 in Conformation/Coat at her Breed Show at 22 months of age.

Allie vom Cohansey is the puppy we kept from Greta (left).  We had no intentions of keeping her until a last minute cancellation left our kids with a puppy at Christmas. She's living proof that "pick of the litter" doesn't necessarily mean anything. Her father (Colt vom Entenmoor) has produced Armbruster winners and numerous top 10 dogs. Allie was always a really quick study and always looked forward to training. Allie is one of the very few dogs in the U.S. to complete her VGP in her HZP year. Even more of an achievement was the fact she did it on the same weekend as her first HZP and scored a Prize I. Allie is also a State certified blood tracker and has successfully tracked several deer. She scored VJP-72 pts., HZP-186/192/189 Armbruster pts., VGP-Prize I 304. Like her mother, Allie also received a 12 in Search Behind Duck. She's was rated 10/10 in Conformation/Coat at the 2013 Armbruster. Allie finished 6th at the 2013 International Armbruster (tied for 4th in performance points) and was awarded "Best In Field".

Tramp II vom Jagdkonig (Titus) is from a well respected mid-west breeder and his father (Feuer vom Bandorfer-Forst) has produced many of the top dogs in the U.S. Titus has been a gem from the time I brought him home.  He's calm, focused and never went through any "puppy stage".  His nose and the way he handles birds is uncanny.  I can't count the number of times he's gone behind groups of dogs and found birds they had missed. I don't think he's ever considered trying to take a bird out that he pointed. He's a "thinker" when he's in the field. Titus has been exposed to quite a bit in his first year, making many retrieves on ducks and geese several months shy of his 1st Birthday. His build and coat are exceptional. We're looking for great things from Titus as he prepares for his tests this year. He scored VJP-75 pts., HZP-188 pts., HZP-187 Armbruster pts., 4th Place 2014 International Armbruster, only dog in test to receive 12 pts. in Use of Nose, VGP-Pz. II/299 points. Brt-Passed. He was rated 11/10 in Conformation/Coat.